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What is Gecko?
Gecko is a video recording application for Windows.
Gecko records images from Machine Vision Cameras and converts them into standard video files that you can play and share.
The software can be used for diagnostics, fault finding, monitoring, high speed event capture, as well as other applications.
The software runs on any Windows 7 laptop, embedded PC, or desktop PC.
What hardware?
Gecko can connect to up to four GigE cameras.
We recommend DALSA, AVT and JAI cameras from Stemmer Imaging
Gecko connects to cameras using Common Vision Blox cbvlogo
What's new?
Latest Version 2v031
New: Genie Nano support and software AutoExposure control in 2v031 – break the GigE bandwidth limits!

Genie Nano
New: Multiple USB3 cameras. Higher frame rates & JAI GO support. GeckoUSB

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